Can I buy customer conversion vans and trucks directly from Waldoch?
No. As outlined in the How do I buy? section, you need to work with a Ford or GM dealership to actually purchase your custom vehicle.

Do you provide the van or do I?
Either. We have Ford, GM and Chrysler vans pre-designed for luxury conversion or customizing. You can also purchase a vehicle and have Ford, GM or Chrysler drop-ship it to us for customizing. Or you can buy the new vehicle and deliver it to us yourself.

What vehicles can you convert or manufacture?
Waldoch partners with Ford, General Motors and Chrysler Corp., so we can customize any van or truck from those manufacturers that’s pre-designed to be customized.

Can you help me with a mobility van or a way to load my wheelchair?
Yes! Waldoch can handle most mobility needs. For four decades, we’ve focused on making travel fun, safe and comfortable for everybody. Each customer has specific needs, and we always design to meet them.

Will you install accessories for us?
Waldoch will install most of the accessories we provide at an affordable hourly rate. For more information, please call our retail store at 651-287-3204.

What’s your warranty?
If your vehicle is purchased with a complete conversion or customized package that Waldoch manufactured through Ford, GM or Chrysler, it will carry a 36-month or 36,000-mile warranty.

Do I have to buy a set floor plan or package for my customized luxury conversion van or truck?
No. You can buy one of our pre-designed packages, or you can work with a Waldoch designer to customize your vehicle to fit your specific needs.

How can I find a dealership that carries Waldoch customized luxury and conversion vans and trucks?
Waldoch vehicles can be found at dealerships throughout the Midwest, but contact us to find out exactly where. Because of fluctuating economic conditions, not all dealerships stock customized and conversion luxury vans and trucks. We’ll make it easy for you.

Can the customized work expense be included in my vehicle purchase financing?
Yes. We can work with a dealership of your choice. Because of our partnerships with GM, Ford and Chrysler, we can easily arrange this in a number of different ways.

If I live a long way from your facility, how can I get my vehicle repaired?
Simple. We’ll work with a dealership in your community to repair the concern, or make other arrangements based on applicable warranty guidelines.

How far away can you ship?
Waldoch ships parts and vehicles all over the world. If you want it, we will work out a way to get it to you.

There are so many things to put on a truck, how do I decide?
Since 1974 we have been assisting people with their travel wants and needs. We have experienced designers who will talk to you about your lifestyle and assist you with the best features that will make you feel comfortable and proud of your customization. We make it fun!

Are chrome wheels covered under warranty?
Chrome wheels and all chrome products must be cared for. The actual chrome is not covered under any warranty for pitting. If a chrome product peels within the warranty period, it will be covered. Also, the structure of any wheel is covered by most wheel warranties. It is important to wax all chrome features to protect your investment.

What size tires can I put with my vehicle?
With most vehicles there can be a variety of choices. A designer can assist you with what size will work with your vehicle.


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