Galaxy Vans is Waldoch Luxury line of Custom Conversion vans, it puts the comfort in travel and fun travel with families


The Luxury Galaxy Van line by Waldoch is built on two different chassis right now. The Ram Promaster which come in a number of different sizes and the Ford Transit Van. We will talk about the Promaster first. The Promaster is a Front wheel drive van and it great in the winter months, it is also very low to the ground which makes it great for mobility, shuttle services and touring needs. The Ram Promaster is the Perfect Conversion van for any trip or travel a family would like to go on as well. With the number of different size vans there are a number of different passenger vans. The Galaxy Luxury line can do 6 Passenger van, 7 Passenger van, 8 Passenger van, 9 Passenger van, 10 Passenger shuttle style seating, 13 Passenger airport Shuttle and 15 Passengers Shuttle seating. Waldoch has dealership all over the US and some other countries, if you can’t find one in your area give us a call. 

The Galaxy Ford Transit is one that will surly turn your head. The Ford Transit is the Perfect Luxury Conversion Van, with 6 Passenger to 9 Passenger Conversion Van to 15 Passenger Shuttle Conversions. The Transit is a rear wheel drive van that has all the amadeus as a Ford SUV or car. Ford Conversion van as all the nice features you could ask for in the driver cock pit, 8” LCD GPS screen, steering wheel hand controls, 10-way power seats, Lumbar, heated seats dual power, dual air bags, great sounds system, Bluetooth, USB charging ports and nice overhead storage. All the Galaxy Van Luxury conversions have standard Roller shades and have the option of power Shades. Beautiful seating leather as an option cloth comes standard it will be sure to put you to sleep, a headrest design to be a pillow it is the best for long travels. All of the Waldoch Luxury Conversion come with a 3 year 36,000-mile warranty.
•    Lasting quality 
•    Industry innovation 32” fold down TV
•    Dual Zone sound system 
•    Driver override for sound / lighting in rear passenger area 
•    Available automatic step
•    Available automatic Door
•    Complete mobility conversions available 
•    Inset color keyed in-bumper fog light system
•    Complete per-passenger climate control
•    Convenience lighting and charging at each seat
•    Motorized roller shades
•    6-way adjustable captain’s chairs with optional heat, massage, footrest available 
•    Convertible rear bench bed accommodates overnight rest stops 
•    Luxury grade carpet – 1/10 Gauge cut pile, contains 22.5 ounces of yarn per square yard
•    Hardwood style flooring upgrades available 






Shuttle Van / Buses are the best way for an Airport Hotel or tour to get people around comfortability


Shuttle van are great for some many different aspects of the road, when you get a Waldoch shuttle passenger van it’s the comforts that makes the difference. The Ford Transit Van or Ram Promaster Van works great for the shuttle hotel industry. Both Ford and Ram came out with great vans to build nice conversion vans on and custom vans. The Ford Transit is a very popular model to use for the hotel shuttle service, Airport Shuttle Service, Daycare Buses, Shuttle Buses, Shuttles with Mobility / Wheelchairs and Specialists Shuttle Buses vans. Many of the companies use the Shuttles Buses for charter and traveling from pace to place. Waldoch installed the power door so it is nice for the customer and the driver picking people up. The seating for a shuttle Bus ranges from 10 Passenger shuttle van, 11 passenger Shuttle Van, 12 Passenger Shuttle Van, 13 Passenger Shuttle Van, 14 – 15 Shuttle Van. Most of our Airport Shuttles are 13 Passenger with a nice luggage rack. Waldoch is a Custom Conversion Van Shuttle Manufacture and has been building shuttles since 1974. Waldoch is a QVM for Ford Motor Company with the Transit Van.

Ram Promaster Shuttle Bus is a never nice option, it is 6” lower to the ground than the Ford Transit and Front Wheel drive. The Promaster comes in one height and has a lot of head room for walking in and out. Shuttle Promasters work in many different applications, Churches, Wheelchairs, Specialist custom vans, Handicap Shuttle buses, Tour Buses shuttles and many more. From 10 Passenger Conversion Shuttles Promasters, 11 Passenger Luxury Shuttle vans, 12 Passenger Shuttle Buses, 13 Passenger Airport Shuttle Buses, 14-15 Custom Shuttles. The Promaster ram van came out in late 2014 and has been growing every year. More and more people will see the Ram Promaster as the U.S. Post office is using the Promaster for their new delivery vehicle all over American. Making the Ram Promaster the American Conversion Van. Waldoch is a Conversion Van Manufacture and has been for over 40 years, partnering with GM, Ford and Ram. Waldoch is a NTEA MVP for the Ram Promaster. 

•    Heavy Duty Altro Commercial Flooring  
•    Webasto Rear Heat & Air Conditioning with overhead venting 
•    Insulation throughout the van giving it great sounds deadening 
•    High durable Plastic walls 
•    Available Power Side Step Passenger Only (16” wide)
•    Available Power Sliding Door Passenger Side only 
•    Available Leather upgrade to the seating 
•    Available High back bucket seating 






Custom Limo Shuttles the party on wheels the wedding party that works, the tailgate ride


Waldoch has been building luxury Conversion van for over 40 years and has been building LIMO’s for about 15 years. Waldoch just thought it was a good fit with building person use vehicles and Travel vans it just fits. Waldoch builds on two models the Ford Transit and the Ram Promaster, they work great on limo buses vans.

The Ford Transit we build on the 148 Jumbo High Roof van, with 77” of head room and 172.2” of floor space front to back. The Exterior height is 108.6” tall to make sure you can go placing you are planning on traveling. Executive coach Limo are perfect for Weddings, Tailgate parties to go to the game, Dinner Parties, Special Events and much more. Waldoch has many different floor plan layouts for the Ford Transit Van some of the number 1 floor plans are Party Limo 10 Passenger, Limo Lounge 15 Passenger, Limo 9-10 Passenger, Wedding Limo 15+ and more just ask a sale rep. With our Black on Black design interior with Huge 40” TV’s with LED 1080P picture where you can watch cable going down the road these are some of the best Limo manufactured anywhere. Waldoch Limo Builds are match to the highest quality and stand alone with the options and features you can get with this Limo Manufacture.

The Ram Promaster is built on a 159 High Roof Extended van with 77” of head room and 161.5” of floor space to the back of the front seat to the back doors. The 159 Promaster stands 101” tall and make sure you know where you are going. The Ram Promaster stand lower than any other vans out there with its front wheel drive on Promaster it does not have a rear driver terrain because of it being a front wheel drive van. The Promaster front wheel drive works great in winter and bad weather climates. Limousine builder for the Promaster van have nothing compared to what waldoch does to the Limo market. From 8, 9, 10 passenger Shuttle Limos to 15 Passenger larger seating are limos the Promaster has you covered.

Waldoch works directly with the Limo companies all over the world getting them the best Limo manufacture out there. Waldoch does not have Limo for sale, but does help you find the companies that Waldoch works with to get you want you want. Limos for sale do come up a lot with our different limo companies we work with and even some dealers. 

•    High Quality long lasting Products 
•    All 12 Volt Products no Invertors (TV’s, DVD everything 12 volt) 
•    40 Years in the Conversion Van Shuttle Luxury builder market
•    Innovative products 
•    Power Shades & Manual Shades 
•    First Class Executive vans for personal business people





The handicap mobility vehicle full size van needs, Waldoch has you covered coast to coast


The Galaxy vans and the Waldoch Shuttle buses and Limo can have a handicap wheelchair put in any one of the 3 models waldoch manufactures. Starting with the Galaxy Transit Conversion van, you take of the first row of seating and the mobility lift mounts right at the door. The Waldoch Mobility vans can be put in the side or the rear door. Waldoch works with mobility installers all over American, if you have a mobility company you are working with and would like to get a full size van. Give us a call and we will help you get the van of your dreams and keep your mobility company right in your home town. They know you the best with the different service needs you might have over the year. Waldoch does have a local installer that they work with if you don’t have one you are working with. Handicap full size conversion vans can be a lot to take on that is why we have a proven way we have done it and its leaving the customer with a smile. Handicap vans can have the B&D transfer seats that will allow the seat to come back and pick the person up to move them in position if it’s not easy to get into the driver or passenger seat. We also offer the ability to lock your wheel chair right in the passenger or driver position of the vehicle. It’s called the EZ lock system. Simply push a button to release and you are set. The Q’straint tie down is our most popular and cost effective way to hold down the wheel chair, you do need a second person to help tie the person in the wheel chair or motorized chair down. The hand controls for the wheelchair and handicap vans is the best way for you to be in the driver seat and brake and gas with your hands, not having to worry about the pedals below. the Handicap steering wheel knob is a great way so you don’t have to have 2 hands on the wheel while brake or accelerator.

The Wheelchair mobility lift Waldoch works with is Braun and Ricon lifts, if you do have a different lift you would like to use that is not a problem. Again we work with Mobility companies all over the US, we build your beautiful van and your service center or one we find for you does the work on the mobility van. We work with many different models from the Klearvue Wheelchair lift and Scooter lift, it has the horizontal folding design to eliminate dangerous blind spots, which leaves an unobstructed view for the full-size mobility van driver as well as the passenger. The next one is the Clearway Wheelchair lift and scooter lift, this allows maximum interior space. These platform handicap lifts also feature an all steel frame and hydraulic pump for reliability that lasts for years.  The next handicap lift is the Slide-Away wheelchair lift and scooter lift, a completely automatic, folding platform wheelchair lift that does not restrict movement of the front passenger seat. Slide-Away mobility lifts offer the strength of dual-post hydraulic lift plus the flexibility of a single-post lift.

The Transit van and Ram Promaster van works great for both mobility people use and commercial mobility vans. The Promaster is a lower to the ground which make it easy for some handicap people to get in and out it is a 2 step in and 2 step out on the ram Promaster. Where the ford transit is a 3 step in and 3 step out style van with the high of the transit being 6” higher than the ram Promaster. 
•    Working with any mobility installer in the US – American 
•    Understand the need and wants of the customer with ease of use in mind. 
•    Works with all different mobility lift companies 
•    Manufactures person use handicap and mobility van 
•    Manufactures commercial handicap and mobility shuttle vans