Conversion Van Window Order Form

Time for a new window?  If you need to replace an exsting broken window in your van we have options available.  

Please fill out the WINDOW ORDER FORM and fax it or emal to

Here are some tips to help get the info we need

-Measure to the OUTSIDE of the frame not the edge of the glass inside the frame. 
-Measurements must be within a 1/16 of an inch, (rounding to the nearest whole or half inch just won’t do.)
-Find the DOT number and manufacturer.  It is a small usually gold/brown text on the glass in one of the lower corners of the glass.  In this little block it will typically have the manufacturer as well.
-Tint, is it clear, medium, or dark tint

 Most glass manufacturers are out of business!  We often will not be able to find the identical replacement and will need to be satisfied with a similar window that fits the hole. (we may replace a tip out vented window with a t-slider style, a frameless style may not be available and a framed window will be used to replace etc.)


What we are hoping to do for you is to find a window that fits the hole you have perfectly!  This means it can be replaced without having to re-do the interior.  The windows go for $700-$1200 typically.  Note that you can find various windows on our website for several hundred less, the downside is they are not an oem replacement so unless your van happens to already have this specific aftermarket replacement it will not fit without modification to your van.